Alpha Beta's Proud History

Since our founding in 1885, Alpha Chi Omega has been providing its members lifelong opportunities
for friendship, leadership, learning and service. The Alpha Beta Chapter, founded in 1918, has
nurtured and sustained nearly 2,200 women during some of the most formative years of their lives. As
alumnae, we can trace many of our best college memories back to our Alpha Chi Omega experience.
While there may be some differences in today’s chapter compared to the one you know, there is an
unbroken chain of Alpha Beta members at Purdue. More than ever, sororities play a significant role in
the development of young women and this growth is crucial in today’s competitive world. In addition to
the standards taught by our sisterhood, we acquired valuable assets, which include character building,
leadership, and social skills, as well as the value and strength of teamwork. Oftentimes, these traits have
been integral to our personal success and helped make us the Real. Strong. Women. we are today.
Our chapter house at 851 David Ross Road has been a home away from home for hundreds of young
women. In addition to the skills learned there, we formed strong bonds of sisterhood and lifelong
friendships. However, for Alpha Chi Omega to continue its strong presence on the Purdue University
campus, we must ensure that we are providing a safe, welcoming environment and a technologically
updated facility. As we approach the 100th anniversary for Alpha Beta in 2018, now is the appropriate
time to celebrate our past and secure our future

On graduation day I walked down the Alpha Beta lawn and away from the house, the same way each
Alpha Beta sister does at the conclusion of her Purdue undergraduate days. I mistakenly thought that walk also
signified the end of my Alpha Chi experience. Instead, looking back at the house, where it all started, those
steps turned out to be my first steps into a life-long Alpha Chi volunteer experience. With this campaign,
Alpha Beta alumnae can ensure that our current home – 851 David Ross Road – is ready for the next
generation of Alpha Chi leaders.
— Angela Costley Harris ’86, National Vice President
After over 75 years of Alpha Chi sisterhood, the words of our song, ‘Alpha Chi, how we love thy name, Alpha Chi, thou art ever and always the same,’ reflect the unifying bond of Alpha Chi that has kept
me young. Wherever you travel, you will have a forever friend in your sisters of Alpha Chi.
— Bonnie House Andrews '38, Honorary Campaign Co-Chairman
How lucky can one woman be! A first-generation high school graduate living her entire adult life in
the Purdue atmosphere and being guided and nurtured by alumnae of Alpha Beta Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. The standards were high, the teaching was tender, and in return I was expected to pass it on. What a privilege— knowing young women from their first day on campus through their graduation and beyond has enriched my life beyond description.
— Mary Harrison Ford '57, Honorary Campaign Co-Chariman

Our Needs and Opportunities

  1. “Together Let Us Seek the Heights”
    The chapter house at 851 David Ross Road in the Tower Acres has been
    part of Alpha Beta’s legacy for more than 47 years and has served our
    sisterhood well. However, the time has come for a major investment in
    our chapter house if we expect to maintain the membership standards
    that are close to our Alpha Chi hearts: academic excellence, character,
    financial responsibility, leadership and personal development. Alpha
    Beta needs to provide a quality living environment that will foster
    academic excellence and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood.

  2. Setting Alpha Chi Omega Apart
    We know that sororities with updated facilities make a difference
    in the membership decisions of collegiate women. Many sororities
    at Purdue are planning updates to their facilities or have completed
    projects recently. We also need to consider the availability of newly
    renovated on-campus residence halls and off-campus apartments.

  3. Pursuing Excellence
    Purdue University is as academically challenging as ever and the need
    for an enhanced, quiet, well-lit, and comfortable study space within our
    facility is necessary for our members to achieve their goals. We have
    seen the impact of technology over the years, as devices perhaps not
    present during your college years are now necessities, including personal
    computers, high-speed Internet access, and e-mail. Our plan will ensure
    that the Alpha Beta Chapter members excel academically and remain
    scholastic leaders on campus and within the Greek community.

  4. Keeping Our Sisters Safe
    The safety of our nearly 140 collegiate members is of utmost importance
    to the Alpha Chi Omega Home Corporation. In the past, the Home
    Corporation has taken necessary measures to ensure a safe home that is
    not only functionally excellent, but also provides a clean, attractive space
    for its members. Phase I of the renovation was completed in the summer
    of 2013 with the installation of a new fire suppression system, central
    air conditioning, and a remodel of our formal living room, parlor and
    library. Much like our personal homes, our chapter house must be a safe
    haven that instills confidence in our members and their parents.

Building Our Future

The Alpha Chi Omega Home Corporation and undergraduate leadership have developed a solid plan to address the long-term viability of the Alpha
Beta experience on the Purdue University campus. Through careful study, assessment, and planning, it has been determined that updates and
maintenance to the chapter house are necessary, and the sorority must invest in our home to meet the needs of today’s students. Working with KJG
Architecture, the Home Corporation has developed a tactical approach to our future.

Project Highlights

The initial phase of our renovation (completed in 2013) included the fire
suppression system; air conditioning for three floors; living room, parlor,
and piano room updates with painting, draperies and furniture; kitchen and
laundry appliance upgrades; and evaluation of the security system.

Goals of Our Plan (Phase 2)

• Third floor educational space upgrades.
• To allow for updated facilities, new study areas and University
compliance standards, we need to renovate the basement common
areas, dining room, kitchen serving area, the library, rear patio, front
atrium, Carnation bathroom, guest bathrooms, and the executive office.
• Updates to the lower level activity area are needed to provide space that is
more conducive for study and chapter work projects.
• The technology of the security system needs upgraded to provide
increased safety for the women.
• Updates are needed to the exterior of the home for safety and ease of
locating for emergency vehicles.
• Addition of Greek letters prominently displayed on the front of the
house will increase marketing and branding of the Alpha Beta Chapter.
• Provide a safe, healthy, and affordable collegiate housing environment
as we move into the future and celebrate our centennial in 2018.
• Maintain value of the house through proactive maintenance, repair, and

Investing In The Next 100 Years

Your investment in Alpha Beta will directly impact the lives of our current and future members. Today, perhaps more than ever, it is important that
we provide young college women with an environment that offers a solid foundation for their education and affords them opportunities for high
academic achievement and the development of leadership and social skills. The commitment we make today cannot be underestimated—it will have a far-reaching effect on the lives of our Alpha Beta sisters for years to come.


  • Tax Deductibility
    The Internal Revenue Service will allow “exclusively educational” space
    in the house to be funded with tax-deductible dollars that are gifted to
    the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation and designated for the Alpha Beta
    Chapter. Gifts to the foundation are 100% tax deductible to the donor
    and will be utilized to support “exclusively educational” areas of the
    house. Additionally, the foundation may, on an annual basis, grant the
    Home Corporation Board an amount that covers the taxes, insurance,
    and maintenance on the portion of the building deemed by the IRS as
    “exclusively educational” space.

  • Non-Tax Deductible Gifts Needed
    Only a portion of the project is deemed “exclusively educational,” which
    means there is a need for contributions that are not tax deductible to
    complete the project with minimal borrowing costs. Therefore, donors
    are encouraged to consider directing their gift to the Alpha Chi Omega
    Home Corporation (non-tax deductible).

  • Maximizing Your Impact
    Due to the magnitude of our objectives, we are urging all alumnae
    to consider major gifts to the campaign. In order for each alumna
    to maximize her participation, gifts can be structured over a five year
    pledge period. However, early gifts or pledge payments to the
    campaign are preferable to help reduce borrowing costs. Gifts in honor
    or in memory of other Alpha Beta sisters, as well as family gifts, are
    welcome. Recognition in such cases will be given to both the donor(s)
    and the honoree.

  • Donor Recognition
    Each of us, simply by our presence, has contributed to the history of
    Alpha Beta. How appropriate then that each of our names be entered
    into its halls. Each donor who contributes $2,500 or more will be
    recognized on a prominently displayed plaque within the chapter
    house. All donors contributing $1,000 or more to the campaign will
    be recognized in campaign publications, unless otherwise requested.

Giving Levels

Founders’ Society
$100,000 and above
1885 Society
$75,000 to $99,999
Centennial Society
$50,000 to $74,999
Boilermaker Society
$25,000 to $49,999
Sisterhood Society
$15,000 to $24,999
Red and Green Society
$10,000 to $14,999
Lyre Society
$5,000 to $9,999
Carnation Society
$2,500 to $4,999
Three Star Society
$1,000 to $2,499

Cost of Project

1 million dollars





Alpha Beta's Centennial

If you would like to donate, please click the link.  We greatly appreciate your generous contribution.